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It was a night like pretty much any other. We had been running errands all day, and when we got home, we basically all said in unison ‘I’m hungry!’.

And like usual, we had nothing planned. No meal prep whatsoever, and nothing in the freezer we could throw together. To top it all off, no restaurant in our area was open so take away wasn’t an option.

We ended up having spaghetti for dinner and my husband makes a mean arrabiata sauce. The thing is that we tend to eat the exact same meals day in and day out, with zero variety. 

With this in mind, my husband and I have decided to challenge ourselves to learning one new doable recipe per week that we can then add into our meal planning options, and then learn to plan ahead and get the ingredients in necessary to make dinner 4-5 times per week.

If you too are struggling with a limited repertoire of go-to meals and meal planning feels almost impossible, join our month-long meal planning challenge!

I’ll be sharing here on the blog and on Instagram curated resources ( recipes), tips, and other suggestions that we’re finding helpful as we begin learning to cook more dinners at home. Share with us your progress by using the hashtag #holisticmealplanning on Instagram so we can learn from you and give you support along the way!

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Where To Begin

Your first action step is to find 5 blogs, books, or apps filled with health recipes that meat your family’s dietary requirements. Jamie Oliver’s app is a great start, as are his books.

These five recipe resources will be where you then plan one new recipe to try each week. You can absolutely try more than one, but the goal here is to make this doable and affordable.

What meal do you plan on making this week? Leave a comment below and let us know! And don’t forget to tag your photos on Instagram with #holisticmealplanning so we can take a peak at what you made! 

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