5 excellent essential oil brands we love

5 great essential oil brands

Are you a fan of essential oils? I know we are! But when it comes to finding out where to purchase them, one can easily find conflicting advice and a lot of negativity. Why is that? Well for starters, we all have our personal favorites, and some bloggers/holisticpreneurs sell essential oils, and because of that, people can be biased. And with more and  more essential oil brands choosing the MLM model, there’s more competition out there for sales reps.

At the time of this writing, I don’t currently sell essential oils, although I’m not against it. I’ve signed up with the two big MLM brands in the past and personally loved both companies, with regards to their oils. But I didn’t like promoting just one brand when I liked both, and when I tried different oils from other companies, I started talking to my friends and family about them too.

So in today’s post, I want to share with you the essential oils brands our family currently buys from, plus which blends from them we love. Please note that there are hundreds ( if not thousands) of companies out there selling oils, some good and some bad. I’m sure there are excellent oil companies we haven’t yet had the pleasure to try ( such as Neil’s Yard and Living Libations), and I’ll write about them in the future when we eventually do order from them.

Young Living

We started purchasing from Young Living when we found out that they ship to Thailand. We ordered one of their premier essential oils packages that contains a diffuser ( which my brother stole from us), samples of oils and their goji berry drink ( which Kaya LOVES), and 5ml sized bottles of an array of oils.

I think YL is actually my favorite brand so far, but shipping to Thailand is expensive and so are the prices of their oils, even if you do sign up as a distributor.

Some of my favorite blends from Young Living include:

  • Stress Away ( this is my favorite!!)
  • Joy ( very uplifting floral scent)
  • Thieves ( a must-have)

Because of the shipping costs, we have been purchasing more from other brands lately, but when we eventually move to Canada, we plan on ordering more oils ( both singles and blends) from YL.

You can buy Young Loving Essential oils from your local distributor, or by going directly to their website.


Plant Therapy

We started purchasing essential oils from Plant Therapy after getting a discount coupon, which was included in an eBook bundle I got from Ultimate Bundles. And because Plant Therapy ships to Thailand relatively quickly ( less than a week sometimes) and their shipping and oils costs are affordable, we order from them the most often. Their blends are nice, although there are some I don’t like ( their Sensual Blend smells strange to me) and others that they have changed ( Anti-Aging was better before).

Plant Therapy also sells an organic range of essential oils for you to choose from, as well as a kid-safe blends. Our daughter is OBSESSED with the roll ons from the kid-safe collection! She has her little stash of oils that she keeps near mine and applies whenever she has the sniffles.

They also make holiday blends, such as Autumn Harvest, which smells divine and is my fav holiday blend.

Our favorite essential oils blends from Plant Therapy include:

  • Relax
  • Energy ( an excellent uplifting blend)
  • Germ Away ( cheaper alternative to Thieves and On Guard and available in 30ml and 100ml)
  • Sniffle Stopper ( from the kids’ line)
  • Balance
  • Anti-aging ( it was better before but it’s still a nice blend)

5 great essential oil brands


The very first essential oils brand we tried ( in recent years), DoTERRA offers fantastic oils that are sold through distributors, just like Young Living. Or you can also sign up on their site as a distributor yourself and get wholesale prices. Like YL’s site, DoTERRA’s is a bit of a pain to navigate, but their oils are great so worth the tech-issues ( and high costs).

This is my husband’s favorite brand of oils. He specifically loves their blends and prefers On Guard to YL’s Thieves. We stopped buying from DoTERRA because they don’t ship to Thailand, so we had to have them sent to a family member or friend in the US and have them ship them to us, which was an inconvenience for us all. We look forward to buying our favorite blends from them when we move to North America. 🙂

DoTERRA makes some of our favorite blends. Some of our favorites include:

  • Immortelle ( a very potent anti-aging blend in a roll on)
  • Serenity ( beautiful, sweet blend with vanilla and chamomile)
  • On Guard
  • Clary Calm 
  • Whisper ( a warm, alluring blend for women)
  • Balance 
  • Deep Blue ( incredible headache-stopped)

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Rocky Mountain Oils

We ordered from Rocky Mountain Oils once, during the holiday season. After doing years of research about the various oils companies out there ( and still having no clue which is ‘the best’), we heard of Native American Nutritionals, but they didn’t ship to us internationally…until they merged with Rocky Mountain Oils. I was excited to finally get to try this company’s products, and we ordered a few blends, including Nerve Support and True Blue. I like them both, but found True Blue to not be nearly as good as DoTERRA’s Deep Blue, which has blue chamomile in their blend, making a relaxing yet headache-killing combo. Nonetheless, I do still like True Blue.

We plan on ordering more essential oils from this company, and I’ll update this post as soon as I’ve tried their other blends and singles.


Aura Cacia

I bought a few bottles of Aura Cacia when we lived in Los Angeles, nearly a decade ago. Because essential oils weren’t extremely popular back then and the general public ( including yours truly) didn’t really know what to do with them ( apart from smell them out of the bottle), I don’t remember even using them.

However, I found that iHerb carries their range of oils, and since iHerb ships internationally, I decided to include a few bottles in my order. We’ve so far tried their Vetiver and Geranium, and we love both! Their Vetiver is much better than the one I got from Plant Therapy, smell-wise; it’s thicker too. I’m not an essential oils expert so I can’t say which company makes ‘the better oil’, but I do think Auracacia’s is darn good

We have yet to try any of their blends, if they have any, but I’ll update this post when we do.

All in all, there are some excellent essential oils brands on the market that offer 100 percent pure oils, and more and more companies are offering a line of organic essential oils too.

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