3 Powerful Books to help you live simply

Looking to adopt a slower, simpler lifestyle? These 3 inspiring books will help you and your family simplify.

If you’re interested in adopting a simple, creative, and slow-paced lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start, here are some fantastic books on simple living that are geared to helping families. Because if you’re like me, chances are you’ll find some of the uber minimalist books available to be either too limiting ( or placing a strict limit on what you own ) or geared to singles. Thankfully, more and more parents are writing books that give simple living tips for families, and that have doable suggestions that you can tailor to your family and lifestyle goals.

 In today’s post, I want to share with you the three books that have had a huge impact on our family’s life, and that I think you too will find helpful on your path to a slower lifestyle.

Living Simply With Children by Marie Sherlock

This book served as incredible inspiration for our journey to intentional, simple living on our terms.

Loaded with examples of different families who chose to live simply, this book gives you great tips, regardless of where you live. It also gives great advice for single parents and those that choose to work part time, full times, or are a stay at home parent.

Living Simply With Children talks alot about buying less and downsizing, as well as steering away from purchasing from name brands and big companies.

I love this book so much I constantly refer back to it and recommend it to friends!

Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman

Talk about a book that made me reflect on how I approach my business and life! Simply Tuesday is not only well-written but it delivers a powerful message for those of us that are caught up in wanting to do more and be more. This book emphasizes the importance of being small, and not having the size of influence that we want ( which is especially applicable to us entrepreneurs).

The book is named after a somewhat ordinary day of the week that we can all learn to actually value, even if it’s laundry day or has nothing eventful going on. In fact, that’s exactly why Freeman wants you to recognize it: if small things don’t matter, then what does?

If if you’re looking to savour your life more, his book is a must-read!

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Radical Homemakers by Dr. Shannon Hayes

Are you yearning to make more of your belongings are participate more in your local community, or downsize? Do you want to be a home-based parent but feel shamed by society for your choice? Then this book is for you!

The author grew up on a farm until she left to pursue her academic career, only to return to farm-life when she had her family. What I find fascinating is Shannon’s academic perspective on modern day feminism and homemaking, and how she devilifies the role of a homemaker. However, she does go in depth into the benefits of the feminist movement and also breaks the myth that homesteading was just for women.

She interviews families and individuals from around the U.S. who are living simply and are adding to their local economy through creating crafts or putting their skills to use in exchange for things. Whether you’re a single parent that’s working full-time or are even a newly wed, this book will give you loads of food for thought. My advice is not to get overwhelmed and think you need to start making everything to replace what you own.

I will probably never make my clothes ( I can barely sew a button on my husband’s shirt haha) but I’ve spent some time thinking about how I can help our local community more through cooking, teaching marketing skills, and also giving wellness tips. I have in fact given marketing advice in exchange for gluten free bread from my Cordon Bleu-trained neighbor! #whynot

While some of the concepts discussed in this book may seem radical ( hence the title), I love this book and read it cover to cover in a short period of time. It goes over the history of homesteading and also the industrial revolution and why we should strive to buy less and make more.

What are you favorite books on simple living?

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