Product Reviews

Holistic Families

To find out more about collaborating with us, please email me at 

Would you like us to review your natural, holistic product?

Here at Holistic Families, we value the importance of making healthier choices for our family. From natural skincare products to organic clothing and cleaning goods, we want to introduce our readers to small businesses that value wellness and health, and that are cruelty-free.

Items that are a good fit for our family and audience:

  • Holistic skincare products
  • Natural makeup
  • Journals & Planners for work from home families like us
  • Books on wellness, health, homeschooling, etc
  • Natural health products
  • Organic tea & coffee

When we review your product, we will give our honest opinion. Our photos of the product will be shared on our social media channels, including on Pinterest and Instagram. You are more than welcome to use the photos we take of your item on your own social media, as long as you credit us for the image.

Please feel free to get in touch to find out if your item is a good fit for our audience. Please note we live in Thailand and not North America ( although our audience is based in the US and UK).