How the Konmari method of tidying changed out lives

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Q+ A

Are you an herbalist?

I’m a student of herbalism at the Herbal Academy of New England and building my home apothecary.

Can you write for my site?

Yes! I’m a freelance writer that has contributed to sites like Annapurna Living and Cameron Diaz’, in addition to lifestyle, travel, and business publications around the world. Get in touch to check my availability!

I’m new to developing a healthy lifestyle for my family and I. Where do I begin?

Start small! First take into consideration your budget. I would suggest shopping at your local farmer’s market and purchase produce in season. Prioritize ( if your budget allows) organic meat and dairy, if you’re not vegan. While supplements can be healthy, I firmly believe they aren’t as important as eating a balanced diet that’s rich in nutritious vegetables.

Can I hire you as a Holistic Life Coach?

I’m certified as a Holistic Life Coach & Wellness Coach from the Apothecary Circle, and I do accept new clients time to time. Please feel free to get in touch to find out my availability and what coaching packages I’m offering. Please note that I’m not a certified nutritionist ( I’m a grad of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition) and do not make meal plans. I help women make healthier choices and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Where can I buy bulk herbs?

There are many different online stores that carry bulk herbs for you to purchase, or you can ask your local health food store if they carry what you’re looking for. Some of our favorite places to buy bulk herbs include iHerb, Mountain Rose Herbs, Bulk Herb Store, and Golden Poppy Herbs.

How can my children learn about herbs and their usages?

I HIGHLY recommend you give your kids Herb Fairies and the Wildcraft board game. We own both and love them!

Where should I purchase essential oils, and how do I use them in my daily regime?

We use several brands of essential oils, from Young Living to Plant Therapy to DoTERRA and Rocky Mountain Oils. My personal favorite is Young Living ( and my daughter loves their goji berry drink) and Billy loves DoTERRA. But the latter doesn’t ship to us, and the former is super expensive to ship to Thailand. We therefore usually buy our oils from Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain, as well as a local Thai brand called The Royal Project.

I’ll create a post soon about how you can use oils in your daily regime, so stay tuned!

Can I write for Holistic Families?

We do accept guest posts from bloggers, coaches, and holistic mavens, so yes! But if you’re a SEO or PR company or brand, please get in touch about our sponsored post rate. Guest posting is only reserved for bloggers and not for companies. We do review products too, so feel free to email us about having us feature your holistic product or book!

I want to become a Life Coach/ Health Coach. Where should I start?

I did my training at the Apothecary School, Jiva Ayurveda ( a clinic in India), the Divine Living Academy ( the online program), and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, in addition to my herbalism studies at the Herbal Academy of New England.

I’ve written a very detailed blog post about how you can become a coach here. But to summarize, start with what you know and are passionate about, and BE SPECIFIC in not only what you want to study and focus on, but who you want to coach. Then build your business around that! This may sound simplistic, but trust me when I say most coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs lack clarity and focus in everything they do, and this is the root of why they don’t have clients and their blogs/coaching businesses don’t grow.

I’m looking to start my own health blog. Where should I begin?

I highly recommend investing in Elite Blog Academy and Marie Forleo’s B School if you’re serious about creating a blogging business. The latter offers scholarships once a year, before the course opens.