How to teach your kids about health and wellness

How to teach your kids about health and wellness

Perhaps what’s lacking most in today’s schools is that few teach children about wellness, health, and self care.

This is lack of attention being placed on eating a Whole Foods based diet and staying active has created a society that’s sick and out of shape, where cancer rates are skyrocketing and billions of dollars are spent on pharmaceuticals.

It’s therefore integral that parents begin to teach their kids how to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

The best way we can do this is to be an example, and to also devote a little time each week to learning more about herbalism, nutrition, and wellness. The more we learn, the more inspired and motivated we will be to begin adopting healthy habits ourselves, and our children will begin to see this lifestyle shift in our own lives, which may inspire them to also want to learn more about plant medicine and nutrition.

Keeping our children informed on why we’re eating certain foods and avoiding others is crucial. By letting them know of a recent study or book you’ve read or having them watch a documentary with you, you’re keeping them involved in the process and helping them understand they why behind your lifestyle choices. This will also help them too want to make informed decisions in every aspect of their lives.

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Getting your kids to help you make herbal tinctures and tonics or when you prepare your meal is another key way to help your kids learn more, from a hands on perspective. Children that learn these life skills at an early age are more likely to turn into healthy adults later in life.

There are great books and games for children that are looking to learn more about health, such as the Herb Fairies audiobooks and Wild Craft board game.

How are you teaching your children about health and wellness? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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