The BEST natural skincare products for holistic mamas

The BEST natural skincare products for holistic mamas

I’ve always been a fan of natural skincare products, whether I make them myself or purchase them. Over the years, I’ve tested what works best for my somewhat dry and sensitive skin, and some products that say they’re natural have actually caused irritation.

My skincare regime is simple, easy to do, and quick.  I used to wash my face with plane old water but now use the organic Hydrating Cleaning Lotion from MuktiIt’s a rich, creamy cleanser that makes my skin feel very soft after using it, and the bottle has lasted me 6 months.

Afterwards, I use argan oil ( typically from Now Vitamins) and an Anti Aging synergy roll on essential oil blend. The oil absorbs rather quickly but leaves my skin hydrated all day long. I sometimes also use a moisturizer from Mukti if my skin needs extra hydration.

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A few other facials oils I love:

Sea Buckthorn Oil

very nourishing 

Coconut Oil

excellent for using on your body and hair

Frankinsence Essential Oil


Carrot Seed Oil

acts as a natural sunscreen

Taking  schizandra berry has also drastically helped my overall skin. It has been used for centuries throughout Asia as part of women’s beauty regimes. Within a few days of taking it in supplement or tea form, my skin feels softer, even if I don’t use any products or oils. You can find it in your local Chinese herbal store or on iHerb.

Collagen supplements have become a popular natural skincare product. Consuming Bone broth is another way to ingest collagen as it’s found in the joints of animal bones used to make it ( usually beef).

It’s also very important that we eat a diet that’s low in sugar and processed foods. They not only decrease one’s immune system but also can promote premature aging and will zap your energy.

Speaking of energy, getting enough rest is essential to having beautiful skin. As hard as that may be for parents who are busy taking care of their kids, home, and career, the benefits of adequate sleep are almost endless. And we all tend to look healthier ( and better overall) when we’ve slept well.



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